What to Expect Postpartum with Multiples

 A pregnancy with multiples can be scary and the daunting task of taking care of multiple newborns once home may seem impossible. This post will give expectant and new mothers tips and tricks on how to handle taking care of twins. These tips were all taken from When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads as well as real experiences from veteran moms of twins.



 When you are home caring for a single newborn, life can get hectic, but you are able to provide your full attention to just one tiny human. When you have multiples, it can seem nearly impossible. That’s when you must reach out. Call family, friends, a postpartum doula, honestly anybody who will listen and ask them to come over and watch the kids so that you can take a quick nap or shower. It is okay to ask for help and advice from others, we are not meant to mother in seclusion. Read that again, we are not meant to mother in seclusion. It is OKAY to ask for help....
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