Seven Common Fertility Myths

 Myth #1: Stress Causes Infertility

Stress can exacerbate the problem, it most certainly is not the root cause of an infertility problem. Infertility can be related to multiple different things: endometriosis, PCOS, low ovarian reserve, low AMH, poor egg quality, poor sperm quality, poor sperm motility, etc and let’s be real- infertility causes a whole lot of stress.


Myth #2: Women Under 30 Have No Problem Conceiving

Remember how growing up, you always hear that having sex just once will cause you to conceive? After battling infertility, this myth really gets under my skin. It’s true that some women can get pregnant on their first try (or without even trying), but for the majority of us that is just not the case. It can take up to one year for couples to conceive and timing must be perfect for conception to occur.


Myth #3: Infertility is a Female Issue 

So not true! Infertility can be either due to male or female factor. In fact,...

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