Expecting and Postpartum Mamas:

 Say goodbye to posting embarrassing questions in Mom groups and say hello to your one-stop shop to trusted advice on all the nitty gritty things about Postpartum that no one wants to talk about.


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Introducing the Ultimate Nitty Gritty Postpartum Guide: "In The Weeds"

You'll get instant access to 6 video modules that walk you through everything (yes, everything) you need to know in the days and weeks following delivery, plus a BONUS digital workbook to help you work through the information.

My Brand New Masterclass - In The Weeds of Your Postpartum Journey - gives you in-depth information from a Certified Postpartum Doula about all the crazy stuff that happens to your body post-delivery, including when to call a doctor, how to manage pain, how to navigate visitors, and how to care for yourself in the early weeks...

...all for less than the cost of a box of diapers!

Here's What You'll Get When You Choose In The Weeds Of Your Postpartum Journey:

What Really Happens After Delivery?

Time to get into the nitty gritty...I'm going to lay down all the dirty details about your postpartum recovery.

Postpartum Bleeding

Did you know postpartum bleeding can last up to 6 weeks? Let's discuss the stages of postpartum bleeding and how to tell if it's coming to end...and when to seek help.

Pain Management

Did you tear during pregnancy? Have a C-section? Let's talk through all of the ways that you can manage your pain after delivery.


In this lesson, I'll give you some tips for when visitors inevitably come knocking.

Tips for Self-Care After Delivery

Let's talk about the things that all moms need to do for self-care, and how that can really have a positive impact on your postpartum recovery.

Going Back to Work

Tips and strategies for going back to work after having baby.

Over 70% off: $60 $17!


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