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Take Advantage Of Our Postpartum Secrets Masterclass, your complete guide to all the insider knowledge for postpartum and beyond, with over two hours of video content covering Hormones, Feeding, Newborn Sleep, Parenting Styles, and Everything You Need To Know To Thrive in Postpartum.

As A Certified Postpartum Doula, Sleep Coach, & Mom of Two, I’m Handing You The Only Handbook You Need To Thrive During The Fourth Trimester. You're Already Getting The Best Guide To The Nitty Gritty Parts of Postpartum - Now Get The Complete Guide.


Included in The Postpartum Secrets Masterclass, you'll get Video Modules for...

  • The Four Steps to Thrive After Delivery - Learn how to be a patient, loving new mother for your child – and handle all the physical, emotional and lifestyle changes that come your way
  • How to Manage Hormones with C.A.R.E.S - Feel confident in EXACTLY what to do when experiencing all those wild hormonal changes
  • Understanding Physical Changes - Discover magical strategies for managing body changes and fast ways to heal
  • The Managing Emotional Changes Roadmap - Learn a proven psychological framework that helps protect your mind AFTER delivery
  • Choosing a Parenting Style - Explore different parenting styles and find out which style reflects your values

& One Time Bonuses:

  • The Survival Guide to Postpartum Sleep - Learn foundational skills to help prepare your baby for rockstar sleeper status

  •  The Ultimate Guide to Feeding Newborns - Determine which feeding strategy is best for your family...and figure out a schedule that helps you stay on track with sleep and milk supply

The bottom line: This program is your go-to guide for everything Postpartum. Broken down into easy, step-by-step videos to give you everything you need to thrive in the Fourth Trimester.

Plus - Digital workbooks to guide you through every module!


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