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Recovering From Delivery is Tough. I'm Here to Help.

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This is THE course you need to thrive during your first 12 months postpartum.

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Roadmaps to resiliency during a time that can be completely chaotic

What really happens right after delivery...and how to recover like a boss

Strategies to rest and rejuvenate your tired mind and body when rest seems impossible

Postpartum Reimagined.

The time after you give birth can be a truly exciting and joyful adventure. The tiny human you've waited so long to meet is finally here! I want to help you truly experience your postpartum and LOVE the newborn stage, without the typical exhaustion and constant questions.

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"Manu literally changed our lives. I cannot say THANK YOU enough times. I tell everybody I talk to who has a baby that they need to work with Manu. Literally saved our sanity."


- Rachel U

Mom of a 5 month old

Are you tired of being exhausted and overwhelmed on your postpartum journey?


I was too. You see, a few years back when I was giving birth, there was nobody to answer "what is going to happen to my body AFTER I deliver this baby? What if I get postpartum depression?" And many other important questions.

And it was only then, after having to scour Google and learn everything on my own, without having anyone to hold my hand, did I have a breakthrough. There had to be a better way. 

This is it. Now it is my mission to share the knowledge I have gained as a certified postpartum doula, certified pediatric sleep coach, Dr. Google, and my own experiences with the world.

And That Is How The Postpartum Secrets Masterclass Was Developed

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What's Inside

Plus These Bonuses

From the Heart of Manu Brune


You’re confused, tired and overwhelmed. You've planned and prepped for the birth of your little one, but didn't do the same legwork to understand what happens postpartum.
You brought home your tiny bundle, excited to see what the future holds for your little family...but you're too exhausted to find time to shower, let alone find the energy to see past tomorrow.
If you want learn how to control and manage postpartum hormones, postpartum body changes, and create a stronger bond with your newborn...

Then stick with me as I walk you through how you can overcome that exhaustion and THRIVE during your first year postpartum.

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Plus, you'll get valuable insights into what to expect in addition to valuable gems like: 

- A Daily Routine Checklist Template

- Personalized Emotions Journal

- Bedtime Routine Checklist Template

- Postpartum Essentials Guide

- Diaper Bag Essentials Checklist

- Newborn Visitation Guide Template (4 color choices)

- Top Questions To Ask Your Childcare Provider

- Printable Pumping & Feeding Schedule

And more!

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What other moms are saying about The Postpartum Secrets Masterclass

"Nobody talks about postpartum, everyone focuses more on the birth itself, and when you’ve given birth to this tiny human you actually end up with a big “NOW WHAT?!” In your head. Course is very nice, we’ll structured and informative"


- Anastasia N

"This is so needed! Manu really helps new moms understand their bodies after delivery and the WHY behind the things that happen. It's so refreshing to have somebody want to focus on mom and her health after birth."


- Rachel W

"I love your offering! Moms need ALLL the support during this postpartum time. It's not something we talk about often enough in the west and particularly the US. This is 

L I F E  C H A N G I N G"


- Evelyn C

Don't spend another second lost in the overwhelming exhaustion of new parenthood, wondering what is normal after delivery. 


Click the link below to enroll in The Postpartum Secrets Masterclass now and learn how to effectively manage your postpartum hormones, get more rest, and ultimately thrive in your postpartum journey.

I'm Ready To Be In Charge of My Postpartum Recovery