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The Proven Blueprint to Feeling More Relaxed, Less Stressed, and Truly Confident - Use These Simple Strategies to See Results in As Little As 3 Days

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đź‘‹ Hi! I'm Manu, Your Parent Coach

After giving birth to my firstborn, I started to realize that we prepare moms for pregnancy, labor, and sleepless nights, but NOBODY prepares us for recovering from birth and THRIVING as parents. 

I'm on a mission to change that. That is why I became certified in peaceful parenting. I am a Certified Postpartum Doula, Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Parent Coach and a mom of two little boys. 

That is why I created this masterclass. It’s time that moms are given the support that we need to toss aside agony, anxiety and exhaustion and instead shift into connection, peace, and harmony

Beyond Birth Basics was formed because of my need to understand my new reality as a mom and keeps growing because of my mission to empower all moms to flourish and thrive after childbirth.

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How It Works

-  Your brain literally loses gray matter when you become pregnant and keeps remodeling for up to two years after you give birth. In Module 1, discover how to get rid of the anxiety and brain fog that comes with childbirth so that you can be a more grounded parent.

-  Moms deal with a lot of sleepless nights which can lead to irritability. Retain your sanity and catch more zzzs in those first few weeks with our practical tips (you’ve probably never seen these before)

- Hormones go on a wild roller coaster ride after delivery. Don’t ride alongside them. Instead, learn my proven CARES framework for staying present.

- Break the cycle of yelling and overwhelm from day one with techniques to soothe your overstimulated system

- No, it is NOT normal to pee every time that you sneeze or laugh after giving birth.  Uncover proven exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles so that you don’t have embarrassing accidents.

- Breast engorgement and postpartum hair loss - they’re real symptoms after delivery! Discover what you can do to ease the discomfort and how you can protect your hair post delivery.

- Who knew that for the first week or two after delivery you’d cry at the drop of a hat? Certainly not me! Postpartum blues are a very normal part of the postpartum experience and this Module will help you to experience your emotions without spiraling into the unknown.

- Understand with clarity what you're experiencing and how you can stay present in the heat of the moment.

- Did you know that there are more than TWELVE different parenting styles in the U.S alone!? Rooted in scientific research, this module allows you to decide how you want to raise your child.

- Break generational parenting patterns by developing a deeper understanding of various ways you can parent.

- Need help setting boundaries for visitors once your baby is home? Use our visitor guideline templates and uncover how to stand in your own power as a parent (even if you’re standing against your own parents).

- Delivering a baby is a huge trauma on your body. Regardless of whether you have a smooth delivery or a rough one, your body is put through the wringer when you give birth. This module helps you discover strategies to get you through the rough parts of postpartum so that you can enjoy your little bundle of joy quicker.

- Newborn and baby sleep is one of the hardest things about being a parent. Discovery when to put your child down so that they’ll sleep long enough for their naps or give you a nice, long stretch at night so that you can feel more rested.

- Take the guesswork out of pediatric sleep with this bonus module focused solely on newborn sleep habits and how to create a routine that works for your family.

- 80% of new moms said that breastfeeding was harder than they thought. Many switched to formula as a result, but faced extreme mom guilt over the decision. Discover how to make the best feeding decision for your baby, your mental health and your family - without guilt and pressure.

- 40% of new parents said that they were asked to supplement with formula because their baby wasn’t gaining enough weight.  Determine how to tell when your child is getting enough to eat.

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This Isn’t Just a Step by Step Process, But a Framework

I don’t just go into the step-by-step process of Postpartum Recovery inside the course. 

Yes, there’s a lot of common challenges and problems you’ll face that I go over inside the course. 

And yes, there are detailed explanations, guides, and instructions inside the course on which areas to focus on first and how to address the most common and important postpartum challenges. 

But that won’t always be enough.

Postpartum is filled with questions, worry, and overwhelm…which is exactly where this course come in. 

I'm not going to give you 1,000,000 new things to worry about or to read. I'm going to help declutter your life, reduce the sense of overwhelming chaos, and reduce the stress that comes with starting or growing a family.

Each module has stories, examples, and questions for you to think about when you’re staring straight into the unknown. 

This way you’ll not only have everything you need to solve your current problems, but also the confidence to systematically tackle anything else you’ll face. 

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Here's What People Are Saying:

"We had SUCH an awesome experience working with Manu! Manu is super knowledgeable and is extremely responsive, kind, and patient. Our baby went from barely taking naps/waking up several times at night to sleeping at least 12 hours a night and napping like a champ. We could not have gotten to this point without Manu's help and guidance! I highly recommend working with her!!"

Tova L

"It’s taken me a while to post this because life gets too busy but I knew I needed to get around to it so that I can hopefully help another tired parent get their lives back. This is exactly what this program did. Manu was our sleep consultant that worked with us and she was wonderful. My 3 year old was sleep trained until the day we brought our youngest home from the hospital. New baby… brought absolute chaos. Every person in the house was up basically every 3 hours. Then we got longer stretches from the baby but the toddler was still waking up every 3 hours… and wanting everyone up with him! This went on for 8 months…. Way. Too. Long. I finally pulled the trigger. Manu came up with a sleep plan for us for both kids. Within a week our toddler was back in his room and staying there all night until his awake clock tells him it’s ok to get up. Our baby was sick off and on (yay daycare and teething) but Manu was helpful in troubleshooting how we were going to go about all the challenges we faced until he was well. If you’re debating pulling the trigger to get sleep … stop debating and just do it. I was a walking zombie. My work was suffering, my parenting was suffering. Stop being a zombie and get your life back! "

Jordan L

"We worked with Manu right at the start of the new year- and all I can say is it was the best way for us to start the year! After working Manu, our son sleeps 10 - 11 hours at night. We are all so much happier because of working with Manu!"

Rachel U

"Manu is SO KNOWLEDGABLE about all things parenting. Truly a blessing when she came into our lives. She helped us with everything from newborn sleep to understanding "normal" and helping us uncover a peaceful parenting philosophy which has done wonders for our relationship with each other and our baby girl. Stop debating and book your coaching."

Rachel W

"Manu is so great at what she does. She offers amazing and expert advice to parents through all different stages of their parenthood journey. She is intelligent and compassionate. She educates without judgment and sets the family up for success. I highly recommend her and her services!"

Alex K

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