Hey Mama, I see you.

You're expecting or newly postpartum. You've prepped and prepared for labor and delivery. You've packed (or are starting to think about it!) your hospital bag. And you're excited to bond with your new baby. But have you thought about what happens after you give birth? 

Introducing: The Mini Masterclass

The fourth trimester is the best-kept secret. It's a time filled with joy, happiness, exhaustion and love. 

It's also a time of chaos. Adjusting to life with a newborn, navigating a changing relationship with your significant other, and recovering from the birth of your little bundle. 

My goal is to help make that transition and your recovery easier by uncovering those secrets and giving you strategies to help speed up recovery so that you can get back to what you want to do...spending time bonding with your newborn! 

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Designed for the New Mom

This masterclass was designed with moms in mind! How often do you find yourself with time to sit down and watch something? Probably not often. 

That is why I broke this masterclass into six digestible lessons, each less than 10 minutes in duration. Because I know the struggle of finding time and energy. But I also understand that it's important for us to know what to expect after and how to aid ourselves in recovery from delivery.

These lessons will walk you through all of the nitty gritty details - how to recover from different types of tears and C-sections, what each stage of bleeding looks like and how to recognize the signs that you may need medical help, management of pain, a guide to developing rules for visitors, and so much more.

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