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Parent Coaching

Get ready for a truly transformational experience that results in less yelling, less power struggles and more rest. We'll dig deep together to identify areas of tension, factors that create this and come up with a customized solution to your parenting problems so that you can live a more peaceful parenting journey.


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Sleep Coaching

Available for children aged newborn to 5 years old. Learn the KEY to successful sleep training, reclaim your rest and get back your sanity following a proven method of your own choice that allows you to lovingly respond to your baby without compromising the bond that you share.


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Online Courses

Choose from a variety of courses specially curated just for busy parents.

- Postpartum Secrets Masterclass

- Empowered Parenting 101

- Sleep Success for Better Rest



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Parent Coaching

Shift from feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated into connected, peaceful and confident. 

Parent coaching can help:

- Tough Behaviors

- Aggression

- Power Struggles

- Rebellion

- Tantrums

- Sibling Rivalry 

- Disrespectful Attitudes/ Behaviors

- Potty Training Issues

- Sleep Issues

- Screen (or other!) Addictions

- Constant Yelling

- Parenting Guilt, Conflict and Resentment

Shifting into connection helps children express themselves without fear of judgement, labels or shame. This, in turn, helps to squash negative behaviors that your child may be displaying.

Individual, group and couples coaching available. In person spaces are limited.

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Sleep Coaching

Do you get anxious or frustrated at bedtime knowing that you'll spend more than 5 minutes:

- rocking

- feeding

- holding

- bouncing

- driving 

-or laying with your child?

Work with a certified sleep consultant to create a plan that will drive better rest for your little one AND you. 

Get a comprehensive guide that details the KEY factor most parents are missing when they sleep train.

Get out of the exhausting, sleep deprived state and shift into connection, rest and gain back your YOU time.

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A proven blueprint to feeling more relaxed, more confident and less stressed as you enter parenthood...this course is for you regardless of if you're a first time parent or a veteran parent. With 8 modules, there is a world of knowledge waiting. Click below to learn more.

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Want to learn the #1 mistake that people make when sleep training? Do you need professional guidance to choose which sleep training method is the best for your family (if any!)? Want step-by-step instructions for the most popular sleep training methods? You'll find all of that and more inside this course.

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Transform your parenting from frustration, anger, and resentment. Learn how to break generational parenting patterns, gain awareness of your child's development and your own reactions to external events. Shift into peace, harmony and cooperation today.

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