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Are you tired of researching? Wondering if, when and HOW you'll get any sleep with a newborn?

I see you - exhausted, overwhelmed, and glued to your computer trying to learn the best way to navigate your postpartum while caring for a tiny human while maintaining a sense of self. Guess what? You can stop the endless late night research, I can help.

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You Weren't Meant To Do This Alone

Postpartum coaching is necessary for maintaining your mental health and sense of self after childbirth. After helping hundreds of women navigate the fourth trimester and help their babies sleep through the night, I created a revolutionary way for moms to navigate the fourth trimester without spending countless precious hours Googling or posting in Facebook Groups, when they could be relaxing, bonding with their baby (or partner!), and sleeping. I’ll personally work with you to create a Postpartum plan that is as unique as your baby is, and I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

I call it The Ultimate Postpartum Experience, and Mama, it will help you thrive.

I believe that every postpartum journey requires special attention.

Whether you're a first time mom, or veteran in need of tailored solution to conquer the plethora of unique struggles you had before, I want to help you overcome your postpartum struggles. That is why I start every new mama with a complementary call to understand the unique support you need to conquer your postpartum with confidence.

As a postpartum coach, my goal is to give you and your family the one on one attention and knowledge you need to make informed decisions about infant care, your parenting styles, and sleep issues.

I learned early on that education about what to expect and how to overcome common postpartum struggles did NOT exist...until now. Let's change that together and get you on a path where you THRIVE and love your postpartum.​

It is my passion to provide families with the utmost in care and comfort during our time working together.

When You Choose The Ultimate Postpartum Experience For Your Postpartum Care, You'll Receive:

Customized Postpartum planning session where we lay out your goals for postpartum and develop a roadmap for success. We'll then start to implement these changes one by one, together, so that you understand your postpartum and conquer those big life changes 

Sleep Training Consultation and Customized Sleep Plan Once Your Baby Turns 15 Weeks Old, so you can get your evenings and nights back & rest assured knowing you and your little one are getting the rest you need to thrive

Breastfeeding and pumping support, with guides for both human milk handling/ storage and formula prep, sizing of flanges for your pumps, and support for those times when you just feel like giving up. 

Coaching without a timeline. Your postpartum is unique and the transition to motherhood is one of the BIGGEST transitions you'll go through in life. You need somebody in your corner for the duration.

 Tips for Playing/Bonding With Baby, Education and Support About Newborns (Burping, Feeding, Safety), Babywearing Support, and Important Resources for Post-Birth

Space to Share and Process Your Birth Story so that you can move forward into motherhood confident and healthy 

And above all, non-judgmental support for any and all postpartum questions surrounding yourself or your newborn. Because you deserve it!

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Here's What People Are Saying:

"“We had SUCH an awesome experience working with Manu to help sleep train our 3 month old baby girl! Manu is super knowledgeable about all things sleep, and is extremely responsive, kind, and patient. Our baby went from barely taking naps/waking up several times at night to sleeping at least 12 hours a night and napping like a champ. We could not have gotten to this point without Manu's help and guidance! I highly recommend working with her!!”"

Tova L

"“It’s taken me a while to post this because life gets too busy but I knew I needed to get around to it so that I can hopefully help another tired parent get their lives back. This is exactly what this program did. Manu was our sleep consultant that worked with us and she was wonderful. My 3 year old was sleep trained until the day we brought our youngest home from the hospital. New baby… brought absolute chaos. Every person in the house was up basically every 3 hours. Then we got longer stretches from the baby but the toddler was still waking up every 3 hours… and wanting everyone up with him! This went on for 8 months…. Way. Too. Long. I finally pulled the trigger. Manu came up with a sleep plan for us for both kids. Within a week our toddler was back in his room and staying there all night until his awake clock tells him it’s ok to get up. Our baby was sick off and on (yay daycare and teething) but Manu was helpful in troubleshooting how we were going to go about all the challenges we faced until he was well. If you’re debating pulling the trigger to get sleep … stop debating and just do it. I was a walking zombie. My work was suffering, my parenting was suffering. Stop being a zombie and get your life back! “"

Jordan L

"“We worked with Manu right at the start of the new year- and all I can say is it was the best way for us to start the year! Our son was starting to wake every 1.5 - 3 hours at night, and it was so difficult. After working Manu, he sleeps 10 - 11 hours at night. We are all so much happier because of working with Manu!!”"

Rachel U

""Manu is SO KNOWLEDGABLE about all things postpartum. Truly a blessing when she came into our lives. She helped us with everything from newborn sleep to understanding "normal" in postpartum""

Rachel W

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